You Couture

The Ultimate Personal Luxury


Couture is defined as the design and creation of a garment to a client's specific requirements and measurements. 

From the comfort of their home, office or location of their choosing, our clients are able to have garments originally designed and specifically tailored for them.

As opposed to being limited by the options presented in a store, our clients have the option to bring their specific ideas to life, or to have knowledgeable consultants advise and create pieces based on more general preferences. We offer a 24 hour service and can be on hand around the clock to fit in with busy schedules.


Originality. Quality. Choice. Custom Fit.

All You Couture pieces are completely original and no piece is like any other. As well as the guarantee of quality derived from the attentive hand crafting of each piece, we offer a selection of the rare and high quality fabrics from all over the world.  Clients dictate all factors of their pieces from styles to colour and fabric. It is extremely rare for individuals to perfectly fit in to standard clothing sizes, You Couture clients find that due to the personalised fit of their pieces, there is an elimination of the general wear and tear that can arise due to improper fitting.

 A Couture Collection can be a new business, holiday, evening or casual wardrobe alternatively we can be commissioned for an individual piece for a special occasion.

The Process

The first stage in the process consists of an in-depth consultation to discuss the specific requirements of your You Couture Collection or piece. It is important for us to understand any affinities or dislikes for characteristics such as colours, fabrics and styles.

From the information gathered from our first meeting the team visually creates the collection for your approval. Once approval is received and measurements have been taken, the crafting of the collection begins with a number of fittings taking place until completion.


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